Tennessee Association of Board Secretaries

In an effort to ensure the most efficient and effective organization of school board operations statewide, TABS was established for the purpose of providing a support and professional development organizationforschool system board/executive secretaries through the mutual exchange of ideas and experiences.


To elevate board/executive secretarial standards and increase awareness of the vital role of an educated and informed board/executive secretary while gaining recognition as a professional within the field of education.

TABS Membership

The membership of TABS shall be open to all county, city, and special school district board/executive secretaries who serve Superintendents and Boards of Education in the state of Tennessee.

TABS Goals and Objectives 

Goal 1 Nurture leadership qualities
Objective A Raise the level of secretarial proficiency
Objective B Develop interpersonal relationships


Goal 2 Promote better working relationships
Objective Improve communication skills


Goal 3 Instill confidence to assume greater responsibility
Objective Validate professionalism through education, experience, and commitment


TABS Code of Ethics

  • To perform the responsibilities of a board/executive secretary for the school system uninfluenced by special interest groups or partisan politics.
  • To respect the decisions of the local Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools.
  • To recognize that authority rests only with the Board of Education in official meetings and that the individual board member has no legal status outside of such meetings.
  • To be responsible for the accurate timely completion of required tasks.
  • To avoid being placed in a position of conflict of interest and refrain from using the position of board/executive secretary with the school system for personal or partisan gain.
  • To implement the responsibilities of board/executive secretary in the most competent professional manner possible.
  • To strive to maintain and enhance the dignity, status and standards of the local school system, TSBA, and TABS.
  • To promote open communications between the school system administration, Board of Education, and the community as a whole.
  • To uphold the rules of confidentiality in certain matters relative to the position of board/executive secretary.
  • To serve as a trusted agent in professional relations with other members of the education team.
  • To participate in individual study and special programs or events that increase personal knowledge of current educational issues, rules, regulations, and statutes.
  • To commit to elevate the standards of all TABS members.


2015-2016 TABS Officers 

TABS Officers' Duties

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