School Volunteer Recognition Award

Each year the Tennessee School Boards Association shall recognize school district volunteers from across the state who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating exceptional commitment to volunteerism in a local school district.

Criteria include but are not limited to:

· Has made an outstanding contribution to a Tennessee school district through volunteer service

· Has exhibited exemplary leadership, creativity, cooperation and hard work in their service to a school

· Has engaged in the creation, organization, and/or mobilization of volunteers, groups and resources that are involved in projects benefiting the school district.

· Has demonstrated sustained commitment to meeting school district needs.

· Has utilized unique and creative approaches to meeting needs.

· Has helped with a special project or ongoing activities.

The following guidelines shall govern the granting of the Volunteer Recognition Award:

1. Applications shall be made on the official form provided by TSBA.

2. Applications may be made by majority action of any member board of education.

3. Application forms shall be submitted by May 1.

4. The President of TSBA shall appoint a panel of judges to rate and rank the nominees.

5. An award will be given in each of the nine districts at the September Fall District Meetings.

6. To determine a statewide winner, the applications of the nine (9) district winners will be rated by a panel appointed by the TSBA President from the TSBA Board of Directors.

7. The statewide winner will be recognized at the Opening General Session of the Annual Convention and a $1000 grant will be awarded to the public school of the winner’s choice.

8. The nine district awards shall be made in the form of a plaque and the overall statewide winner award shall be made in the form of a plaque and a $1000 grant.

Deadline for applications is May 1.

School Volunteer Recognition Award Application

For more information, please contact:

Katie Hock, TSBA Director of Communications & Member Services at 615-815-3907 or