TSBA Business Affiliates

TSBA has established one more opportunity for the community to get involved in supporting children - through the association's Business Affiliate Program. The Business Affiliate Program makes it easier for businesses that work with school boards to reach their target audience.

Who are Business Affiliates?

Business Affiliate membership is extended to businesses and organizations providing goods and services to Tennessee's school systems. Business Affiliates are integral parts of TSBA's efforts to improve education across the state because they work with school boards to provide better educational opportunities for children. Business Affiliates must have received high recommendations by the school boards they have already done business with.

How does being a Business Affiliate benefit a company?

There are numerous tangible benefits from partnering with TSBA in our Business Affiliate program, but most of all school boards know that Business Affiliates have worked successfully with other boards. Becoming a Business Affiliate gives reputable companies credibility with boards or school system personnel who make decisions regarding products.

How is the program organized?

There are five different levels of involvement in the Business Affiliate Program - Business Affiliate, Silver Business Affiliate, Gold Business Affiliate, Platinum Business Affiliate and Premier Business Affiliate. Companies begin with the basic services, which include a school board member directory and subscriptions to our publications. Benefits and services are added as companies choose higher levels. Membership benefits begin January 1 and end December 31 of each year.

How does a company become a Business Affiliate?

TSBA is committed to having the highest quality companies as Business Affiliates. To become eligible, companies must have three recommendations from boards of education in Tennessee. The program makes choosing a vendor easier for school systems. If school systems have companies they would like to recommend as a Business Affiliate, please contact :

Leigh Mills TSBA Director of Finance
800-448-6465, ext. 3905 or email

Business Affiliate Brochure