Your Friends at TSBA

Dr. Tammy Grissom

Executive Director
email or dial 615-815-3901

Randall Bennett

Deputy Executive Director & General Counsel
email or dial 615-815-3902

Leigh Mills

Director of Finance
email or dial 615-815-3905

Katie Hock

Director of Communications and Member Services
email or dial 615-815-3907

Ben Torres

Director of Government Relations and Policy/Staff Attorney
email or dial 615-815-3906


Sandy Jones

Executive Administrative Assistant
email or dial 615-815-3914


Kayce Kiningham

Director of Meetings and Planning
email or dial 615-815-3908


Jennifer White

Assistant Director of Policy Services and Staff Attorney
email or dial 615-815-3915

Elizabeth Stewart

Office Assistant/Intern
email or dial 615-815-3910