TSBA Employer Commendation Program

  • Does your employer show a constructive interest in your school board work?
  • Are you allowed to keep a flexible schedule to balance work with school board duties?
  • Does your employer deserve special recognition for encouraging you in your service to public schools?

Recognize your employer's support

Say "thanks" to your employer who supports you and your work as a school board member.

The Employer Commendation Program recognizes those organizations that make a special point of encouraging and supporting employees who serve on school boards.

Upon the recommendation of any TSBA Board Member who is regularly employed, TSBA will email a letter of commendation to the employer.

The letter will also:

  • Remind the employer that there is a board member on staff
  • Acknowledge that the employer views school board service as an essential and demanding community activity
  • Recognize that serving on a school board takes time and requires the employer's understanding
  • Reinforce the employer's commitment to support board members
  • Encourage other employers to see that commitment and adopt a similar posture
  • Encourage all employers and employees to view board service as a worthwhile endeavor

If you are employed by a business or institution that supports your school board work, fill out the Employer Commendation Program form and submit via fax to 615-815-3911, email to Kayce Kiningham at kkiningham@tsba.net, or mail to:

TSBA Employer Commendation
525 Brick Church Park Dr.
Nashville, TN 37207

Please click here for the TSBA Employer Commendation Request Form

If you have questions, please call TSBA at 800-448-6465