Planning: A Joint Venture


  • To develop practical skills and increase knowledge in the planning process
  • To provide superintendents and board members with methods to develop a common vision and mission statement
  • To develop strategies for setting system goals
  • To monitor/evaluate results to bring about systemic change
  • To provide follow-up and support in Part II for boards who have previously attended a Joint Venture session

Special Considerations:

  • The superintendent and majority of the school board must attend.
  • Superintendents adn school board members meet in large group, presentation, and discussion sessions with other systems as well as with team membrs in small group settings throughout the two-day workshop experience. The casual meeting site facilities provide a relaxed atmosphere and open communication.

Planning: A Joint Venture I
The importance of planning for a school system's future is the major focus of this institute. The Tennessee Department of Education and the Tennessee School Boards Association present the steps for establishing a school system’s mission and vision. Also included are strategies to help you plan for school improvement through goal setting, and definitions of strategies, as well as methods to monitor and evaluate results to help you modify plans over time. Participants discuss how to incorporate the State Board of Education's Performance Standards and Master Plan for Tennessee Schools into a school system's plan.

Planning: A Joint Venture II
For those boards that have attended Planning: A Joint Venture I, Planning: A Joint Venture II is available. In this session, boards review their beliefs and mission statement and report the progress they have made toward their goals. Prior to the sessions, board members are asked to complete a board self-evaluation instrument and mail it back to TSBA to tabulate and analyze. During the session, the facilitator shares the results with the board and leads members through a process to discover ways to improve. Each board has the opportunity to further develop its strategic plan, including in-depth exploration of a board project, or the board may focus exclusively on plans for board improvement.

Agenda Part 1

Agenda Part 2


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